Monday, September 15, 2014

It Is Good.

We are only a week into homeschooling, and whew! It's a full lifestyle, let me tell you. Full of purpose and intention, I have never had joy come from such a deep place in my heart, rising, bubbling over. With every little letter formed, word sounded out, with every bible verse memorized, and science lesson applied, it is good. With every short story created and poem read, with every strum of the violin, and tea poured at tea time, it is good. With every moment stopped to hug or give a kiss and a prayer, to wipe a tear, or go for a walk, with every discovery made, or tree identified, it is good. With breakfast made, and a lazy lunch, followed by a homemade dinner with nowhere to rush off to, no where to be, it is good. With every new door opening, joining new co-ops, nature study friends, horseback riding, and violin lessons, it is good. For new friends and old, ones that stop by to check in on you, and ones that invite you to stay longer than planned, it is good. For every sibling quarrel and heart shaping opportunity, for every bicker between siblings and for all the "I'm really sorry's", it is good. For all the hard work, for all the easiness, for all the frustration, for all bliss, for all that is worn out, and all that is replenished, it is good.

"We owe it to our children to stimulate them in a wide range of interests in their elementary years. Wherever we go, whomever we talk to, whatever we see can be of some interest to children if we stand aside and let them question and consider or examine and research. It should not be "How much has our child covered?" but "How much does he care?" and "About how many things does he care?" - Charlotte Mason
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