Wednesday, October 8, 2014


My sister was just here visiting. She left this morning. It never gets any easier, having to say goodbye to her. But it has me thinking. It has me thinking that I am so thankful that my children get to do life together. I mean really, really get to do life together. 

This morning they came down the creaky wooden stairs teary eyed that their Aunt had left. They piled onto the couch like little puppies wiping the tears off their faces, sharing their sadness. There's no rush right now to get them dressed and fed and onto the school bus. There's no rush for them to dry their faces, say goodbye to me and each other and sit apart all day, feeling the same feelings but not being able to share in that. 

There is instead a little light on over by the couch with a ball of yarn and some knitting needles, a candle flickering near by, the smell of coffee in the air, and a window cracked letting in the cool morning air. There is also encouragement from me that they stay in their pi's a little longer today and that maybe we will take our school outside and do learning among the acorns and fallen crunchy oak leaves. We'll exchange hugs all day when needed and I'll tell them stories from when I was a little girl. I'll invite them into the kitchen for the preparation of every meal. We'll slow down when we feel hurried, because there is nothing we need to add to the hurry. It's already going by fast enough. I'll call them to the couch for Farmer Boy and we'll huddle for prayer and thanksgiving, because that is about all we can offer somedays. That is what we can offer today. 

This season I am in; homeschooling, homemaking, it's teaching me to really live. It's teaching me to cultivate what really matters, to put my mind on the things that really matter. It's teaching me to be fully present, totally awake to what's around me, and when I completely blow it, that what lies beyond that are all the things I should be grasping for anyway. Grace. Forgiveness. God. and People. 

It's not the lessons. It's not the grades. It's not the comparison of how I am measuring up in all of this. It's so much more. Have I pointed them to Jesus enough today? Have I offered other's grace the way I have to myself, or vice versa? Have I told them enough that God has a plan for them? Have I given my children the space and environment to grow together, lean on each other, love each other? 

Today, we'll stay in our jammies a little longer than usual. Today we'll love a little harder than usual. Today I will set the pace for my home and children and be reminded that this, this is what is really important right now within these little growing hearts- that they have me, yes, but also that they have each other. They have each other
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