Monday, November 24, 2014

Life Lately.

                                                             Artichoke request from the kids.

                                               Continuing our study on the human body.

 We made lanterns one day and after dinner we lit them and took a walk around our neighborhood in the dark. It made for a wonderful memory.

                                          Coffee and hot cocoa dates with our friends.

                        A bowl of homemade chickpea curry and a moment of quiet time.

                                         I just really liked the view I had from where I was sitting.

 Folks, it's getting dark at 4:30. 4:30! But I am taking some steps this winter to help with the winter blues. One of them being to get outside everyday no matter the weather, and another is celebrating the coziness. In the past years I have really embraced the grounding feeling that winter brings, the slow pace, the focus on home, more cooked meals, more fires in the fireplace, more candles burning. All of that helps!

                                                          I mean really. This face of his!

 We had some friends over for dinner recently and I can tell you that I have not laughed that hard in ages. I was literally laughing into the next day. Praise God for friends who you can be your entire and complete self around.

                                                         Her favorite spot in the house.

 I find the colder it gets, the more indoor plants I bring in the house. I'll be a crazy plant lady by February, no doubt.

       Jonathan and Lars hard at work building something. This time for my boys is EVERYTHING.

 Just a snap shot mid day of our homeschool life. I want to remember it how it happens, which is not always neat and tidy but more like an explosion of creativity.

 Graycen and I have been thrifting buddies recently. She's got a great eye for things that need to come home with us. This mug she spotted and after a good laugh decided it was worth the $1.

 Really, really love this guy of mine. Thankful for how he orientates me when life starts to disorientate me.

 Had to laugh at the way I've been dressing lately. All these layers are reminding me how I dressed in the 8th grade. Bring back the 90's, shall we?

 This spot in the house on the sunniest of mornings is a fine spot to sip coffee. Also, it's a great view of the now frozen lake outside the window.

 Bread and soup, almost everyday. These tortillas were made by Graycen and were delicious! They paired perfectly with the hot carrot soup we made.

 If you are hungry for some great conversation, then hang out with this boy. Lars has one of the best minds around and even a few minutes alone with him will have you thankful for days.

 Being a mom to boys is a thing to be cherished. Being a mom to boys who start reminding you of the reasons you fell in love with your husband, well that just takes it over the top.

Moss always feels magical this time of year. When it all become leafless and brown, spots of green can be very exhilarating. 

 An early morning start to the day when the rest of the house is quiet. Candle light and rain hitting the window and this loaf of cranberry walnut bread may be one the best loaves of bread I have made yet.

What does that forecast say? Snow? For Thanksgiving?! Oh my! Friends, stay safe if driving this week, and cozy if staying home. Make memories and cherish life. Happy Thanksgiving!

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