Wednesday, March 25, 2015


 over the weekend we visited sprout creek farm, a local hands on farm here in the hudson valley. the kids got a chance to get upclose and personal with goats and cows, milkings, feedings, and then tastings! we went home with some raw goats milk cheese and a creamy cow milk cheese along with some beef. we had so much fun playing with the baby goats and petting the cows that if it wasn't so cold in the barn we could have stayed all day. to warm up we stopped on the way home for some drinks and food at the mill house brewery in poughkeepsie. we really liked it there and will be making trips back to both places this spring, for sure!

 the next day i went to a movie premier at lincoln center for a new movie called, Killing Jesus. my best friend is friends with an actress who plays in the film, hosted by national geographic. the movie comes out this weekend on the national geographic channel. it was so fun to get that dressed up and have a night in the city around so many actors. it was really surreal, considering the day before i was hanging out with baby goats! life- it's crazy!

 of course, for me there is no place like home, and no matter the feelings i got when i wore my heels, nothing quite compares to my rain boots and homeschooling my babes. but i woke up with a bad ear ache over the weekend and it keeps getting worse, not better. so i've been in the kitchen this week mixing up raw salads and garlic dressings in hopes of kicking this head cold thing i've got lingering. whenever life slows me down, whether it be the weather or feeling under the weather, i always feel this magnetic pull towards my kitchen. i guess it would be ever since battling cancer and viewing food completely different than i ever had before. the kitchen feels like my pharmacy and so this week i've baked lots of fresh crusty loaves of bread, made lots of soft boiled eggs (8 minutes in boiling water then ice bath is the key!), sauerkraut hanging out on the counter to ferment, and lots and lots of kale! i'm also loving that watercolor painting by graycen of one of our lady chickens!

  over the weekend i bought the kids a ukelele having no real idea how much they would love it. THEY LOVE IT. it has transformed our home these past few days, inspired dancing, painting, writing... i could go on. and for such an inexpensive price (i got ours on amazon), i would say -get yourselves a ukelele! i also purchased a little book to help learn a few songs and hopefully teach the kids.

  i've been thinking of homesteading a lot these days. this feeling of investing so much of myself in our home and land. this time of year just ignites these feelings and they come pouring out of me in the form of dough rising, bulbs pushed down into the earth, walks in nature with my kids... and this quote comes to mind. this quote is everything:

“To make bread or love, to dig in the earth, to feed an animal or cook for a stranger—these activities require no extensive commentary, no lucid theology. All they require is someone willing to bend, reach, chop, stir. Most of these tasks are so full of pleasure that there is no need to complicate things by calling them holy. And yet these are the same activities that change lives, sometimes all at once and sometimes more slowly, the way dripping water changes stone. In a world where faith is often construed as a way of thinking, bodily practices remind the willing that faith is a way of life.” - Barbara Brown Taylor

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